Photo: And the winners are! Bruce & Mathew and Maisie missed the photo but they were there.


Eastern Region Regatta

 This year’s Eastern Region Regatta was held at Loch Sport. Dave was going to crew on Don’s boat so we left home Sunday morning at approx. 7.15. Some members had gone on the Saturday and sailed in the Invitation race.And enjoyed Loch Sports hospitality.

 Our team of Andrew , Clancy & Murphy McColl, Kylie Wright, Andrew Copland, Mervyn Browne, Frank, Allison & Jane Strickland, Graham Berrett, Paul Evans, Don McCowat, Yvette Atkins, Dave Strobridge, Mathew & Macey Kee and. Bruce James.  Jura sailed with Don on the Saturday.Put up a great performance

 The weather forecast for Sunday from Bom Meteye was 11am 19 knots at 2pm 23 knots!! But when we got there the wind was fine. We had a great turn up and had boats in most divisions. 10am briefing then off to the start. I couldn’t see a lot from the beach.  The wind did pick up and off they all went .Clancy, John Shepherd and Murphy finished quickly. Kylie had a swim, Andrew Copland chased the Mossie’s who couldn’t fly their spinnakers, Mervyn had a quick swim on the way to the finish line. And the others just went around the course in the 20 knot wind. Yvonne and I sat on the shore and watched they all seemed to go fast but from shore a little hard to follow as there was varied courses. I had a surprise as Andrew, Anita and Ellie arrived for Ellie to have a swim. Andrew decided he wasn’t very good at watching yacht racing! Funny that. Anyway everyone finished and had stories to tell. We then had a lovely lunch I had Tandoori chicken wrap made at the Yacht Club. Unfortunately the wind picked up, a few brave people went out but the race was abandoned.

 Everyone packed up and returned to the Clubhouse to enjoy the hospitality and await the results. The results were that Latrobe Valley Yacht Club won the Trophy. We had 9 points beating Gippsland Lakes on 12 pts. Kylie received the Trophy on our behalf and thanked Loch Sport for their hospitality over the weekend.

   It was a team effort.  Good to see a couple of our sailors competing outside the pondage for the first time. And well done Loch Sport for the hospitality and sailing.